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Some time ago, I posted an obituary for my great great grandmother, Lovina Seifert Branum. In that post, I mentioned her daughter, Anna, and my search for what happened to her. I had, at the time, found at least three husbands for Anna, with a possible fourth.

A few days ago, I found an obituary for Anna’s brother Frank online (I’ll post that when I have a little more time to delve into his life). Anna was listed with yet another last name, living in Phoenix, AZ. Searching on that particular combination (Anna Stones), I found an index listing for an obituary in the same newspaper that her mother’s appeared in. So, on a whim, I sent away for it. I had no idea if it was the same person, but at only $3, I figured I could afford to be wrong.

Well, I wasn’t. The obituary was published in 1983 (Anna’s date of death appears to be 22 July 1983) and for that reason, I’m not completely comfortable posting the text online. People are mentioned in it who may still be alive, as well as an address that could belong to family members. But the obituary does list both of her parents (although they missed the mark on my great great grandmother’s name), and Anna’s place and date of birth match the information I have.

It’s nice to know where she ended up, but I would still like to know the story behind all of her marriages. She had no children of her own, according to the obituary, so information is probably scarce. That won’t stop me from trying to find it, though!


Gravestone of Samuel and Lovina Branum, Fairfield County (Ohio)

I feel like I’ve fallen into a rut already, only posting on death anniversaries. I promise that’s not true. Right now, I’m back in school and it’s easier to get a post up when I have a specific event to mention, than to write something more detailed about the research that’s going on. Truth be told, I don’t have a lot of time for research during the semester–although I’ve been known to procrastinate for several hours by nosing around or Family Search.

Anyway, today is yet another one of those death anniversaries. It’s been 92 years since my great great grandfather, Samuel Branum, passed away. The Branums are another name I haven’t done a lot of research on yet, and I have a feeling when I do it’s going to be tough. For starters, there are three Samuel Branums that I know of thus far: Samuel (the first), Samuel Clarence (known as Clarence) and Samuel Louis (known as Louis). To say that it causes a little confusion in my own mind is an understatement. Trying to explain it to others? Sheesh.

What I know about Samuel is that his parents were Allen Branum and Charlotte Huston. They lived near/in Lancaster, Ohio. He married Lovina (possibly Lavina) Seifert in about 1879. They had five children that I’m aware of, including my great grandfather, Samuel Clarence (the womanizer mentioned in an earlier post, according to family members). Samuel and Lovina appeared to have relocated to northern Ohio before his death, as he actually died in Erie Township in Ottawa county and his death certificate is signed by a doctor in Port Clinton. It appears Lovina remarried after his death and remained in that area, but was buried with Samuel in Fairfield county.

In the small amount of research I’ve done on the Branum name, I haven’t yet found a connection between my Branums and a large group that existed in Missouri. But they seem to have had a large family within Ohio and I expect that a lot of them still in Ohio are cousins of mine.

I had a chance to visit the cemetery where Samuel, Lovina and Allen Branum were buried and snapped the photo of the gravestone above. Unfortunately, the day that I was editing and uploading many of the photos I shot on that trip, my house was burglarized and my computer was stolen when I left my house for an hour. This was one of the few that I managed to salvage as it had already been uploaded to Ancestry’s site.

So, I will be making another trip to Fairfield county, hopefully sometime this spring, to retake those photos I lost.