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I failed in my resolution to blog every week before I even got started.

Research is non-existent at the moment. I’m trying to get my office reorganized in between readings for both of my classes. However, I’d logged in here to share a handy tip and in typical fashion for me, it led to something else, which led to something else and so on… much like genealogy itself.

I learned yesterday that if you highlight text in the browser Firefox, you can then drag that text into a form or document that you’re working on. No right clicking or Ctrl-C /Ctrl-V required. Just highlight, drag and let go. So, I thought “What a great idea for moving some of the information I have in Ancestry into my RootsMagic database! ”

Well, it didn’t work. I tried it on my g-g-grandmother, Lovina Seifert, because I have *some* info on her in Ancestry, but I have none for her in RootsMagic. I highlighted the text for her date of birth and tried to drag it in, to no avail. Of course.

So, I figured I’d at least copy some of the info I had on her while I was there. Baby steps, right? In the process, I discovered I was missing some census records, so I went searching. Lo and behold, I found an index for her obituary! That link led me to the Hayes Center site, which I admittedly have not explored as much as I should. And there, I found a link to order a copy of my g-g-grandmother’s obituary!

I think I’ve said before (or at least I meant to): distraction can be a good thing sometimes.



This Christmas, I traveled with my local son to Philadelphia, where my other son has lived for the past few years. It was my first visit to the City of Brotherly Love. We had a list of things we wanted to see and we had one day to do it. We tore through the Old City District like there was no tomorrow, seeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and taking a few photos along the way. It wasn’t enough time for me or my history loving son, but it did make me realize one thing: I need to find a way to make more time for my still relatively new genealogy research.

I started this blog a year ago with the intention of having it help me organize my thoughts, as well as provide a place to share what information I have discovered with anyone who might be interested.

Last April, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and spent the next several months going through surgery, chemo and radiation. Everything else in my life took a back seat to treatment. On the advice of my oncologist, I took a semester long break from working on my MLIS. After chemo, I attempted to use some of that time for research, but I found it difficult to focus for any length of time (it’s called “chemo brain”), so progress was minimal.

I feel as though my trip has cleared my brain somewhat. I have returned home, determined to make time for people and things that are important to me, including my family history research. I will be picking up grad school where I left off, starting on January 9th. However, I am resolving to post on this blog at least once per week, even if it’s just rambling ideas on which direction I should go next. Anything that will help keep this fresh in my mind will be beneficial, right?


Happy New Year!