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Death Certificate of Charles William Kittle (click to enlarge)

Today marks 60 years since the death of my great great grandfather, Charles William Kittle. Admittedly, I haven’t done a lot of research on the Kittle line just yet. Most of this is because there is already a significant amount of information out there on the Kittles and there aren’t any apparent mysteries drawing my attention away from other lines.

But they are no less deserving of recognition. I have actually been a little angry with myself because earlier in my research, I had come across the text of an obituary for Charles, which listed my great grandmother, Cora Ellen Kittle Branum. It also listed a few of the other Kittle children. Unfortunately, it was one of the pieces of information I hadn’t yet backed up when my laptop was stolen a couple of years ago. I already knew I’d have to track down the source, since it wasn’t provided, but it would be nice to have that text again. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful at relocating it online.

Anyway… back to Charles. He was born on 25-Oct-1865 in Lewis county, West Virginia, to parents John Clark Kittle and Elizabeth Wamsley. He married Martha Melvina Queen on 14-Jul-1881. They had, to the best of my knowledge, nine children, including my great grandmother. Charles, from everything I’ve learned so far, spent his entire life in Lewis County, surviving 30 years after losing his wife.

I’ve often wondered what kind of man he was, given that the man my great grandmother ultimately married was apparently a womanizing cad (I never met him; I can only go on what I’ve heard). My great grandmother ended up divorced from her husband, while Charles and Melvina stayed together until she died, and it doesn’t appear he ever remarried. All of Charles’ children are now gone, but I hope someday to meet a cousin who can shed additional light on who he was.