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I failed in my resolution to blog every week before I even got started.

Research is non-existent at the moment. I’m trying to get my office reorganized in between readings for both of my classes. However, I’d logged in here to share a handy tip and in typical fashion for me, it led to something else, which led to something else and so on… much like genealogy itself.

I learned yesterday that if you highlight text in the browser Firefox, you can then drag that text into a form or document that you’re working on. No right clicking or Ctrl-C /Ctrl-V required. Just highlight, drag and let go. So, I thought “What a great idea for moving some of the information I have in Ancestry into my RootsMagic database! ”

Well, it didn’t work. I tried it on my g-g-grandmother, Lovina Seifert, because I have *some* info on her in Ancestry, but I have none for her in RootsMagic. I highlighted the text for her date of birth and tried to drag it in, to no avail. Of course.

So, I figured I’d at least copy some of the info I had on her while I was there. Baby steps, right? In the process, I discovered I was missing some census records, so I went searching. Lo and behold, I found an index for her obituary! That link led me to the Hayes Center site, which I admittedly have not explored as much as I should. And there, I found a link to order a copy of my g-g-grandmother’s obituary!

I think I’ve said before (or at least I meant to): distraction can be a good thing sometimes.