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I know this may sound weird, but I guess since I pay for a subscription to Ancestry, I seem to always want to get my money’s worth and I end up forgetting about some of the other resources available.

That has been the case for Family Search. A lot of my research is in Pennsylvania. And until I can actually go to some of the locations I need to visit, I’m limited to what I can do online. Thus far, I haven’t found a lot of helpful information. My ancestors in PA were farmers, in an area that as best as I can tell, is still very rural and not a short drive from much of anywhere. The resources available in that area seem spotty, no matter where I look.

Mind you, I could be wrong. I’m still a relative newbie to all of this. It could very well be that I’m just looking in all the wrong places.

Anyway, in an effort to prove my great great grandmother’s identity through collateral relatives, I ventured back over to Family Search┬árecently. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. I was downright shocked when the very first set of records I viewed turned up exactly what I was looking for, the marriage record of one Ellie S. Ebberts. Yes, I audibly gasped.

Now, it’s possible that this record was there all the time. I’ve only known about Ellie’s existence for a little while now. I had no idea what her married name might be. I’m very lucky that her parents’ names were listed in the record, because they weren’t in her older sister’s earlier marriage record, and both died long before either of the girls were married. That made me certain I’d found the right individual.

This particular record doesn’t really do anything to help me prove my great great grandmother’s identity, other than it’s another small piece of a the puzzle where the Ebberts are concerned. But it definitely serves as a reminder that it’s best to revisit all of the resources at my disposal. Who knows what I might find?