This is a variation of Ruth’s “Last Week’s Research Activities” posts that have inspired me because of how she focuses on specific activities. She’s also a GENIUS for emailing a backup of her database to her Gmail account. I’m definitely following up with that, even though I have Mozy backing up my system daily. After having my laptop stolen and losing the majority of my photos from Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Fairfield County, Ohio, I don’t ever want to deal with that particular heartache again. The more backups, the better!

I’m on vacation the latter half of this week and I am specifically designating some time for genealogy. Part of this involves the genealogy reference class I’m taking for the next couple of weeks. The rest of my time should be split up between organizing and documenting what I already know and making sure all of my information is properly cited, and looking for new information. So, the next week should involve a little of everything:

  1. Finish assignments for genealogy reference class
  2. Index at least seven 1940 census records (one for each day of the week)
  3. Save records and verify citations for all information found (so far) on Howard FOSTER and Gladys Evelyn BRANUM
  4. Newspaper research for Samuel Ebberts obituary and/or estate notice
  5. Email database backup

I think that’s a good start on some basic goals. I’ll report on what I managed to get done next Sunday. And thanks so much to Ruth for this wonderful idea!



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