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We were working in the garden last weekend, preparing our boxes for flower and vegetable planting. Last fall, my significant other had piled most of the yard waste on top of one box, and then ran out of time to get rid of it. It remained there through the winter.

As he started clearing the debris out, he noticed something yellow and bright. He called me over. At first glance, it looked like a squash flower, but upon closer examination, it was definitely a pansy.



As an annual, the fact that it survived the winter is a feat in itself. However, last winter was particularly brutal. We smashed snowfall and cold temperature records. This little ray of sunshine is amazing.

It’s also very symbolic for me, as my mom’s favorite flower was the pansy. I can’t help but believe she’s found a way to let me know that she’s alright, and I will be as well–no matter how much I may miss her.

In her honor, I’ve named this sweet little plant Diane, and I will do my best to make sure that she¬†survives the summer–and maybe even another winter or two!



No sooner did spring semester wrap up for me when I came face to face with a personal health crisis. As a result, research has been slow.

I have, however, managed to make a couple of trips to Marion, first to visit a cousin with a lot of old family photos and more recently, a car trip to find the Four Acres (known as such only to family members), the place where my mom and her brothers spent some time growing up.

Since I am still in the midst of dealing with the aforementioned crisis, traveling for research will probably be kept to a minimum. However, I do have a few posts in the works–and definitely some new photos to share.

So, stay tuned!